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Jesse Lumsden (Canadian Olympic Bobsledder)

Rocktape Athlete – Jesse Lumsden (Canadian Olympic Bobsledder)

Interview with Jesse Lumsden, Canadian Olympic Bobsledder

Q: You have definitely had quite an athletic career – professional football and Olympic bobsledding. How long were you involved in each?

A: I played football professionally for 6 seasons and I am entering my 5th season as a bobsledder…bob sleigher. I still don’t know what you call it.

Q: I saw a YouTube clip of you recently during a heavy squats day. Is the training for bobsled much different than football?

A: the dry land training is very similar. It is one of the biggest reasons why it is such a late entry sport for a lot of athletes. I’ve been training my entire life for bobsleigh without even knowing it.

Q: Has your diet changed as your career has evolved…and this is not to imply you’re old…there simply is a difference in energy levels once athletes hit 30 plus.

A: I felt like I hit 30 long before I actually did. That’s what happens when you play a sport like football with reckless abandonment. Diet hasn’t changed much. I have been asked to get a bit heavy so I race around the 230 weight. I played around 220 225. I eat a lot of game meat and try to get most veggies from the markets but can be tough to do all the time.

Q: Are you working around any particular injuries right now?

A: Injury free for 3 years.

Q: How did you come to use Rocktape? Was it for injury management or performance reasons?

A: A friend who is a good physio gave me a roll to try out so I thought it was the smart choice. It was used to help stabilize my surgically repaired knee. But during the season I will be using it on race days on certain areas like gluts, hip flexors, etc.

Q: When you aren’t training, what’s you’re favourite activity?

A:I love being in the outdoors and I am an avid fisherman and hunter. The hard part is not over doing those activities. It can counter all the training and preparation I am putting into the Olympic season. My goal is to be on the podium in Sochi so that is my priority.

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